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American Lakes Veterans Golf Course and Facilities

The American Lake Golf Course is an 18 hole golf course, operated and maintained by an all volunteer force consisting of grounds crews and maintenance, operations and management personnel. The course is not supported by government funds. Operating and capital costs are paid with annual pass and daily green fee revenues.

Who is authorized to play at the American Lake Golf Course?

  • VA Hospital in-patients and their guests have first priority on the course.
  • Persons in possession of a Veterans Universal Access Identification Card
  • With proper identification, all VA employees and retired VA employees
  • VA volunteers with proper identification and their guests
  • Active duty/retired military and spouses with military ID cards and their guests
  • Guests 7 years of age and older when accompanied by their sponsors are allowed to play. Three guests are allowed for each authorized player and must be accompanied by their sponsor while on the course.

Course Hours

Nicklaus Nine

The course hours of operation vary with the season. Please call for current information (253) 589-1998. The course is open seven days a week except during the holiday season; during this time, the course is closed for approximately three weeks. Tee times are not required, first come, first serve. The driving range is closed Sundays and Thursdays an hour and a half before close for ball pickup. No tokens will be sold two hours before close.


(Daylight savings time begins)

  • First Monday after Daylight savings begins through the last SUNDAY in April. Open: 8 AM – 6 PM


  • Last MONDAY in April through the third SUNDAY in August. Open 8 AM – 8 PM


  • Third MONDAY in August through the first SUNDAY in November. Open: 8 AM – 6 PM


(Daylight savings time ends)

  • First MONDAY after Daylight savings ends until the First SUNDAY after Daylight savings begins. Open: 8 AM – 4 PM

Cost of Play

VA In-patient: Hospital in-patients play at no cost. Additionally, golf clubs, balls, tees, and power carts are provided at no expense.

  • $15 Veterans & Spouses **
  • $25 Sponsored Guest **

**Plus fees for buckets of balls $3/$6 and Power Cart $8 (9 holes)/$10 (18 holes)

Annual Pass

Annual Passes are sold to support Golf Course Operations. Annual Pass fees vary based on a number of conditions. All proceeds support the Operations of the golf course.

  • $200 For authorized personnel. (Annual pass renewals begin mid March and new annual pass sales begin April 1).
  • $150 VAPSHCS Out – Patients.
  • $100 Volunteer (1st year).
  • FREE Volunteer (Contributing 160 hours or more annually).
  • $50 Volunteer (Contributing 120 – 159 hours annually).
  • $75 Volunteer (Contributing 80 – 119 hours annually).
  • FREE Volunteer (Lifetime, with 3500 Accrued Hours).
  • $50 Volunteer (Lifetime, with 2500 Accrued Hours).
  • $100 Volunteer (Lifetime, with 1500 Accrued Hours).
  • $300 VA Staff/Retired Staff.
  • $400 Sponsored Guest Pass (Purchased & Retained by Sponsor).
  • $30 Youth Volunteer/VAPSHCS Intern (Quarterly).

Equipment Rentalgolf simulator

– See Cost of Play above

Golf Lessons and Simulator

ALVGC has free golf lessons and indoor golf simulator, sign up today. Rain or shine, the simulator will map out the particulars of your performance including distance, trajectory, speed, and deviation. Instructors can assist both beginners and advanced players with fundamentals and swing mechanics as well as keep a record of your progress. Call or stop by the front desk today and sign up for free one-on-one instruction and simulator use.

Golf Course Rules

All Players must sign in before starting play and sign out upon completion.

  • Drugs and alcohol are prohibited.Comply with all signs posted throughout the course or your golfing privileges will be restricted..
  • Comply with posted dress code.
    • Tee shirts are permissible, however they must be of sufficient length to cover the belt line.
    • Shoes with soft spikes or shoes with metal spikes are allowed. High-heel shoes, western boots, or any footwear that may damage the greens are not allowed on the course. Tennis shoes are allowed.
    • Players and non-players are not allowed to remove clothing to expose their upper bodies. Shirts must be worn at all times while on the course.

When using these facilities, all golfers are expected to wear appropriate golfing attire that demonstrates respect for their fellow members, the golf course and the game. For men and women, NO tank tops, halter tops or swim wear are allowed; shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

Note: American Lake Veterans Golf Course officials reserve the right to deny play to anyone not in compliance with the standards of the dress code, good taste, and appropriate golf attire.

  • Dependent Children age 7 or older of the above eligible categories may play the course accompanied by the sponsor.
  • Each Player must have a set of clubs.
  • No more than four players are allowed in a group. At no time are groups larger than four players permitted.
  • Slow play is discouraged. Please behave accordingly and invite faster players to play through if possible.
  • During times of heavy course play the alternative start rule is in effect. When a group of golfers are on the number 1 Tee-box, and another group of golfers are making the transition from number 9 to number 10, the group making the turn from 9 to 10 will follow the group of golfers that are on the number 1 Tee-box ready to start. The golfers beginning on number 1 and the golfers making the turn from number 9 will alternate off of the number 1 tee from that point on.
  • Carts are not allowed between sand bunkers and greens or on greens and tees. Regular golf carts should not be driven within thirty feet of any green. Course managers may refuse use of golf carts on the course if, in their opinion, the use of carts will damage fairways or greens. EXCEPTION: The solo rider golf carts are allowed on the greens. The cart should go straight on and off the green with no turns.
  • Remove and replace flag sticks with care, replace divots, rake sand bunkers, repair ball marks, and do not litter.
  • Must be 16 years of age or older and have a current valid drivers license to operate golf carts.
  • Observe all other rules of golf, golf etiquette, and courtesy.

Hole 17

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