Healing Power of Golf

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Each generation of American soldiers has made a special contribution to our country’s freedom, destiny, and place in the world: in the World Wars, in Korea, Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in many other places around the world.

We all owe our veterans a debt of honor.

As our heroes return, many with the wounds of war, they face more than the complex pressures of re-entering civilian life and they face the disability of physical wounds, loss or impairment of limbs.

They battle emotional and mental wounds from the hell that war creates, the trauma of battle and bloodshed, the loss of comrades.

Golf offers hope

Something that is literally changing lives.

As our returning veterans gain confidence on the course, they find themselves surrounded by others who have been there and care.

The American Lake Veterans Golf Course is made possible by a small army of volunteers who believe in the power of golf to heal, to create new possibilities, and to provide the fellowship and camaraderie of warriors.

The course exists solely because of these dedicated volunteers. Thanks to golf legend Jack Nicklaus, the nation’s only golf course designed for the rehabilitation of wounded and disabled veterans now offers our deserving veterans a first class, entirely ADA-accessible,18-hole golf course.

Golf can help our courageous veterans find self-determination and regain their personal identity. It’s a proven aid to physical and mental rehabilitation, providing untold benefits through socialization and renewal of the spirit.

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